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30 July 2014 – Israeli War Crimes in Gaza


It is with A humanitarian ceasefire of 72 hours was supposed to begin today at 8:00 AM. Israel, the occupying power, continued its military operations in several areas, including in Rafah, where Israel killed at least 35 Palestinians and injured 100. Right before the ceasefire Israel killed at least 16 Palestinians, as right after the ceasefire took place 4 Palestinians (all of them civilians) were killed by Israeli Forces. It is estimated that 1469 Palestinians were killed and 8400 injured by Israeli Forces before the Rafah massacre.  At least 40 Palestinians were killed after the ceasefire took place. The humanitarian crisis is all over the Gaza Strip, and in particular the eastern side that has been occupied by Israeli Forces (44% of the total size of the Gaza Strip). Effects of Israeli bombardments are reflected in the lack of drinking water and the complete or partial interruption of electricity. Hospitals and medical centers continue to be targeted by Israeli forces. UN buildings sheltering refugees continued to be threatened by Israeli Forces, as well as the Roman Catholic Church in Gaza and other centers hosting refugees.  Over 250,000 people have been forcibly displaced. [Read more…]