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28 July 2015 – Recent Israeli illegal practices in Occupied Palestine, including East Jerusalem


I write to draw urgent attention to the dangerous and rising tensions in Occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of Occupied Palestine due to the illegal actions, provocations and incitement by Israel, the occupying Power, including in particular by extremist Israeli settlers and religious zealots, against the Palestinian people, their land and their holy places. Civilian casualties continue to be caused by the violence of Israeli occupying forces and extremist settlers and recent incidents are aggravating religious sensitivities and the fragile situation on the ground, threatening to precipitate a religious conflict and further destabilize the region, which is already experiencing unprecedented turmoil.

For two consecutive days, extremist Israelis escorted by occupying forces broke into Al-Aqsa Mosque compound (Al-Haram Al-Sharif), the third holiest site in Islam, in Occupied East Jerusalem. They prevented the entry of Palestinian worshipers and instigated violent confrontations. In this volatile context, on 26 July, an Israeli settler woman shamefully insulted Islam’s Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) with the clear aim of provoking Palestinian worshipers. This incident was caught on a cell phone camera and made public, setting off angry reactions resulting in clashes between Palestinians and Israeli extremists at the Holy Site. [Read more…]

Statement by Ambassador Riyad Mansour, Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine to the United Nations, before the United Nations Security Council, Situation in the Middle East, including the Palestine Question, 23 July 2015:

Mr. President,

I congratulate New Zealand on its Presidency of the Security Council and thank you, Honorable Minister for Foreign Affairs Murray McCully, for presiding over this important debate, a reflection of your country’s responsible, principled position vis-à-vis this issue and the commitment to uphold your Security Council mandate and contribute to international peace and security.

We also reiterate our deep appreciation to the delegation of Malaysia for its skilled leadership of the Council in June, including the critical debate on children and armed conflict, and express appreciation for Malaysia’s efforts as Chair of the Security Council’s Working Group on this matter.

I also thank UN Special Coordinator and Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Mr. Nikolay Mladenov, for his briefing and his initial efforts in this important post. We reaffirm our support for his mandate and readiness to continue cooperation towards fulfillment of our common objectives, foremost among them securing a just, lasting, and comprehensive peace settlement. [Read more…]

Statement by Ambassador Feda Abdelhady-Nasser, Deputy, before the UN ECOSOC, 2015 Coordination and Management Meeting, Agenda item 16: “Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation on the living conditions of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and of the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan”, 20 July 2015:

Mr. President,

On behalf of the delegation of the State of Palestine, I thank you for your skilled leadership of the ECOSOC. I also thank Mr. Tarik Alami for his presentation of the report on the “Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation on the living conditions of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan” (A/70/82-E/2015/13) on behalf of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA). We express appreciation for ESCWA’s invaluable efforts in this regard and its extensive work regarding the economic and social dimensions of the ongoing plight of the Palestinian people. [Read more…]

9 July 2015 – One Year Since the Israeli War on Gaza


It is with deepest regret and sorrow that we recall the horror and devastation inflicted on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip last year at this time by Israel, the occupying Power. One year has passed since the onset of Israel’s criminal war against Gaza, where the occupying forces killed and injured thousands of innocent Palestinian children, women and men; caused massive forced displacement; inflicted widespread and wanton destruction to homes, schools, hospitals and vital civilian infrastructure; and terrorized and traumatized the entire civilian population.

As witnessed by the world throughout July and August 2014, it was impossible in besieged Gaza to find safe refuge anywhere from this savage Israeli air, land and sea onslaught. Palestinian civilians were killed and injured in their homes, in hospitals, in playgrounds, on beaches, in UNRWA schools where they believed they were protected by the UN flag, and in the streets of their neighborhoods as they tried to escape the Israeli missiles, one-ton bombs and fire raining down upon them indiscriminately, shattering lives and families and reducing communities to rubble. [Read more…]

8 July 2015 – One-Year Anniversary of the Israeli War against the Palestinian People in the Gaza Strip

Statement by the Permanent Observer Mission of the State of Palestine to the United Nations on the One-Year Anniversary of the Israeli War against the Palestinian People in the Gaza Strip – 8 July 2015

On the passage of one year since Israel’s war against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, it is with the deepest sorrow that we remember the 2,251 Palestinians, among them at least 299 women and 556 children, who were killed during the Israeli occupying Power’s 51-day bombardment that inflicted terror, death and massive destruction on Gaza. We memorialize all whose lives were so brutally taken and underscore the continuing plight of the traumatized survivors of this devastating war, including more than 11,000 injured. [Read more…]

2 July 2015 – One Year Since Killing of Mohammed Abu Khdeir and Ongoing Israeli Violations


I regret to inform that the situation of the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation remains dire due to the repressive, destructive and colonial policies and practices that continue to be perpetrated by Israel, the occupying Power, in deliberate, systematic and grave violation of international humanitarian law and human rights law and with total impunity. Combined with the Israeli Government’s blatant rejection of peace and relentless provocations and incitement, this situation has deepened the pervasive sense of insecurity among the Palestinian people and the hopelessness regarding any possible redress of this appalling injustice. Moreover, it is inflaming tensions reminiscent of years past, including this time last year, when Israel launched a devastating military aggression against the Palestinian people, particularly in the Gaza Strip, from which they continue to suffer gravely and have yet to recover. [Read more…]