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26 February 2016 – On Al-Qiq Condition and Israeli Crimes

Protection Card1Excellency,

It is with great urgency that we continue to write to Your Excellency regarding the  deteriorating political, humanitarian, security and socio-economic situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, due to the ongoing illegal policies and practices of Israel, the occupying Power.

In this regard I once again draw your attention to the arbitrary detention of Palestinian journalist Mohammed Al-Qiq, age 33, who is now in the 94th day of a hunger strike in protest against his administrative detention by Israel, the occupying Power, without charge. Doctors who are observing the health of Mr. Al-Qiq are anticipating his death at any moment as they have reported that his body has now collapsed and that he is unable to speak. It must be recalled that Mr. Al-Qiq is one of 530 Palestinians who continue to be held without charge or trial in an Israeli prison or detention center and it should be noted that this number is just a fraction of the total number of over 6000 Palestinians who are currently incarcerated by the occupying Power.   Today, media reports have emerged that an agreement has been reached to put an end to Mr. Al-Qiq’s administrative detention. In this regard, we call on the international community to intervene and to call on the occupying Power to immediately release Mr. Al-Qiq as well as the other Palestinian prisoners and detainees, including those who continue to be held without charge or trial.  [Read more…]

18 February 2016 – Israeli Incitement, Violations and Crimes against the Palestinian People


I am compelled to write to Your Excellency to draw your attention to and officially document the brutal crimes that continue to be perpetrated by Israel, the occupying Power, against the defenseless Palestinian civilian population in the Occupied State of Palestine, including East Jerusalem.  Week after week, these letters are written in the hope that the atrocities mentioned willevoke a responsible, action-oriented response from the international community. This week is no different as we continue to call attention to these egregious Israeli violations and crimes against our people and continue to call for protection and measures to hold Israel accountable for its crimes, including war crimes against our people. [Read more…]

11 February 2016 – Continuation of Israel’s Violations and Crimes against the Palestinian People


The situation in the Occupied State of Palestine, including East Jerusalem, continues to deteriorate as a result of the unrelenting illegal and destructive policies and practices by Israel, the occupying Power, that are causing immense suffering to the Palestinian civilian population under occupation and severely diminishing the prospects for a peaceful solution.  Unprotected, despite the very clear provisions of international law according protection to civilians under foreign occupation, the Palestinian people continue to endure countless human rights violations and war crimes at the hands of the Israeli occupying forces and terrorist settlers.  Tensions have consequently remained high and anger, fear and despair among our people are rising as the convictions and chances for peace are further and further eroded. [Read more…]