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3 April 2018 – Follow-up to Israeli Crimes in Gaza


I write to you to reiterate our urgent appeals that all possible measures be undertaken by the international community to provide immediate protection to the Palestinian civilian population throughout the entire Occupied State of Palestine, especially in the besieged Gaza Strip, against repeated military aggression and attacks perpetuated by Israel, the occupying Power.  Israel’s latest crimes against Palestinian peaceful demonstrators that took place this past Friday, 30 March 2018, are a tragic reminder of the urgency of international action to avail such protection.

It is undeniable that the historic lack of accountability has fostered Israel’s belief that it is above the law and will suffer no consequences for any of its crimes against the Palestinian people it holds hostage under its occupation.  Because of this impunity, 18 more Palestinians were killed by the occupying Power this past Friday and more than 1,500 others were wounded, including more than 750 by live ammunition and 148 by rubber-coated steel bullets.

The Palestinians that were killed or injured were exercising their right to peaceful protest, by taking part in the first day of a six-week peaceful campaign called the “Great Return March.” Before, during and after the protests, the organizers of the campaign had expressed clearly the peaceful nature of the protests which were intended to raise international awareness to Israel’s illegal, inhumane and immoral ten-year blockade of the Gaza Strip, and to support Palestine refugees’ legitimate right to return. However, the occupying Power had once again, in a premeditated manner, adopted a shoot-to-kill policy. [Read more…]