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4 May 2018 – Deteriorating Situation in the Gaza Strip – Protection of Civilians


I regret that I must once again write to you regarding the dire situation being borne by the Palestinian people under Israel’s illegal, belligerent military occupation.

Conditions remain critical in the Gaza Strip, where Palestinian civilians peacefully protesting against this inhumane occupation continue to be subject to attack by the Israeli occupying forces.  As even more suffering is being inflicted on this vulnerable and besieged population, hopes are further diminishing, and this loss of hope is especially prevalent among our youth. This has been reported widely, including in a 29 April piece by The New York Times, reflecting on the recent protests and quoting a 22-year old Palestinian youth – who is unemployed and whose family is struggling with the impoverishment and collective punishment imposed on the entire population – as referring to the situation as so unbearable that: “Death or life – it’s the same thing”.

Today’s developments only reinforce this sense of despair and anger in the face of this ruthless occupation.  Yet again, the occupying forces have chosen to respond with military force against unarmed Palestinians in Gaza engaged today in non-violent protests in the context of the Great March of Return – launched on 30 March of this year in view of the impending anniversary of 70 years of the Nakba –causing more civilian casualties. [Read more…]