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30 October 2018 – Israel Murders More Palestinian Children


Innocent, defenseless Palestinian children continue to be murdered in cold blood by the military forces of Israel, the occupying Power, in grave breach of international law, including humanitarian and human rights law.  While the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in Article 6, affirms that “every child has the inherent right to life” and commits States Parties to ensuring “to the maximum extent possible the survival and development of the child”, Palestinian children are being deprived of this right every single day by this cruel and illegal occupation.

Israel’s killing and maiming of Palestinian peaceful protesters in the context of the Great Return March in the blockaded Gaza Strip in particular continues unabated and with absolute impunity. We regret to have to convey yet another list of names of Palestinian civilians, including four children, wantonly killed for the sole act of calling for freedom and an end to their dehumanization under this oppressive, colonial occupation.

On 23 October, Muntasir Muhammad al-Bazz, age 17, was killed by Israeli occupying forces, who routinely open fire on unarmed Palestinian civilians carrying out what is clearly a kill-to-shoot policy.

On 26 October, four Palestinians, Ahmad Said Abu Libdeh, age 22, Ayyash Ghassan Shaath, age 23, Nassar Iyad Abu Teem, age 23, Muhammad Khalid Abd al-Nabi, age 27, and Jabir Abu Hameesa, age 27, were also brutally murdered by the occupying forces.

This was followed on 27 October by the targeting of more than 85 locations in the densely-populated Gaza Strip by Israeli warplanes, and the killing on 28 October of three more Palestinian boys, Abdul Hameed Abdul Aziz Abu Zaher, age 13, Mohammed Ibrahim al-Sutari, age 13, and Khaled Bassam Abu Saeed, age 14. This brings the total number of Palestinians killed since the protests began on 30 March, to at least 217, and more than 20,000 civilians injured, many gravely wounded and disabled for life. [Read more…]

Statement by H.E. Ambassador Riyad Mansour, Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine to the United Nations, at the United Nations Security Council, Open Debate on The Situation in the Middle East, including the Palestine Question, 18 October 2018

Mr. President,

We warmly congratulate the Plurinational State of Bolivia on its Presidency of the Security Council and express our appreciation to you for your skilled leadership of the Council.

I thank UN Special Coordinator Nikolay Mladenov for his briefing to the Council today. I also extend our thanks to Mr. Hagai Elad, Executive Director of B’tselem, for his presentation, further exposing the dismal realities of the situation and sharing the serious concerns of civil society as they witness the distress of a people whose human rights are being so grossly violated and witness the destruction of the chances for peace and stability for both Palestinians and Israelis.

Mr. President,

Against this backdrop and in view of the many regrettable developments since our last debate, including escalating punitive measures against the Palestinian people and leadership, it is necessary to clarify certain matters.

Standing up for yourself and your rights should never be equated with disrespect of anyone or misconstrued as a provocation. It is, in fact, an utmost expression of respect for one’s rights and dignity, regardless of the consequences.

When the American patriot Patrick Henry declared “give me liberty or give me death”, he was not disrespecting or provoking anyone, but rather insisting on his right to live freely. It was considered an act of heroism, moral courage, and reverence for the liberty due to all humankind. [Read more…]

16 October 2018 – Killing of Palestinian civilians by Israel


I regret to inform that Israel, the occupying Power, has continued with its intentional killing and injuring of Palestinian civilians under its military occupation, in utter disregard for basic morality, the rule of law, including humanitarian and human rights law, and UN resolutions that have repeatedly demanded an end to such illegal policies and practices.

Since our last letter, the occupying Power’s forces have continued to shoot-to-kill and shoot-to-maim Palestinian civilians protesting peacefully against the injustice that their people have been subjected to as a result of decades of colonization, dispossession, apartheid and the structural violence of the occupation. Such systematic targeting of unarmed civilians, including children, is deplorable and illegal, constituting war crimes and crimes against humanity, and must be countered by the international community in both word and deed.

On 2 October, an Israeli sniper shot and killed an elderly Palestinian man, Ibrahim Ahmad Nassar al-Arouqi, age 74, as he stood in the street near his home in al-Maghazi refugee camp.

On 3 October, Ahmed Abu Habil, age 15, succumbed to his wounds after an Israeli soldier struck him with a tear gas canister that became lodged in his skull causing lethal damage.

On 5 October, Faris al-Sirsawi, age 12, Hussein al-Raqab, age 18, and Mahmoud Akram Samaan, age 24, were shot and killed by Israeli occupation forces. On 7 October, another child, still unidentified, was shot and killed.

On 12 October, Israeli forces continued their killing spree, executing seven Palestinians – Ahmed Abdallah Abu Naeem, age 17, Afifi Afifi, age 18, Mohammad Issam Abbas, age 21, Ahmed Ibrahim al-Taweel, age 22, Tamer Iyad Abu Armana, age 22, Abdallah Barham al-Daghma, age 25, and Mohammed Abdulhafid Ismail, age 29. [Read more…]

More Palestinian Victims of Israeli Violence


I am compelled to write to you once again as unarmed, defenseless Palestinian civilian protesters participating in the “Great March of Return” continue to be brutally killed by Israeli occupation forces for daring to raise their voices to protest the systematic violation of their human rights, to demand an end to Israeli occupation and siege, and to call for freedom and return to their ancestral lands.

Last Friday, 28 September, was the single bloodiest day of the Great March of Return protests since 14 May, when Israeli occupying forces fatally injured more than 60 Palestinians. In this latest onslaught, the occupying forces killed seven Palestinian civilians. Among those killed were two young Palestinian boys, Nasir Azmi Musbeh, age 12, and Mohammed Naif al-Houm, age 14, and Mohammed Ali Mohammed Inshasi, age 18, Iyad Khalil Ahmad al-Shaer, age 18, Mohammed Bassam Mohammed Shakhsa, age 24, Mohammed Ashraf al-Awawdeh, age 25, and Mohammed Walid Haniyeh, age 32. Moreover, on 24 September, yet another protester, Muhammad Fayiz Abu al-Sadiq, age 21, was killed by Israeli occupying forces. Hundreds of other civilians have also been injured as a result of the live fire and other ammunition routinely unleashed by the occupying forces against the civilian population. [Read more…]