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27 February 2019 – Israeli Crimes and Provocations against the Palestinian People


I write once again to urgently draw attention to the deteriorating situation in Occupied Palestine, including East Jerusalem, as Israel, the occupying Power, persists with its aggressions against the Palestinian people in breach of international law, United Nations resolutions and bilateral agreements. While Israeli officials continue spewing hateful and inflammatory rhetoric against our people and leadership in the run up to the Israeli elections, the Israeli Government is intensifying its illegal, repressive measures aimed at proving its brutality against our people in the race for right-wing votes.

Such extremism has heightened insecurity and resulted in the loss of more innocent Palestinian lives, including children. Yet another young boy has been killed by the Israeli occupying forces, which continue using live ammunition against unarmed civilian protesters. On 22 February, as Palestinians in Gaza demonstrated during the 48th week of the Great March of Return, Yousef Sa’id Al-Daya, age 14, was shot in the chest with live ammunition in another display of excessive and indiscriminate force by the Israeli military, which also caused injury to 115 people, including 16 children, 10 women, a journalist and a paramedic. We call for accountability for his murder and the murders of the hundreds of innocent civilians that have preceded him. The perpetrators of these ruthless crimes cannot go unpunished. [Read more…]