Tenth Emergency Special Session

Illegal Israeli actions in occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory

The tenth Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly was convened for the first time in April 1997, following a request from Qatar, Chair of the Arab Group.

The session followed a series of Security Council and General Assembly meetings regarding the Israeli decision to build “Har Homa”, a large illegal Israeli settlement, in the Jabal Abu Ghneim area of Occupied East Jerusalem.

The tenth Emergency Special Session was last resumed on 15 and 16 January 2009 to consider the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, at the request of the President of the General Assembly.

Below are relevant documents for each time the tenth Emergency Special Session was convened.

Sessions Coverage

15 – 16 January 2009

Press Releases

General Assembly demands full respect for Security Council resolution 1860 calling for immediate Gaza ceasefire, as Emergency Session concludes (16 January)

General Assembly President says ‘Gaza is ablaze,’ relentless assault continues, despite Security Council action, as Emergency Session on crisis opens (15 January)



16 January, afternoon meeting [RealPlayer – 06:32]

16 January, morning meeting [RealPlayer – 02:57]

15 January, afternoon meeting [RealPlayer – 02:50]

15 January, morning meeting [RealPlayer – 02:26]

15 December 2006

General Assembly establishes Register of Damage arising from construction of wall by Israel in Occupied Palestinian Territory (Press Release)

Video [RealPlayer – 03:40]

17 November 2006

By wide margin, General Assembly Emergency Session adopts text deploring Israeli military actions in Gaza, calling for dispatch of UN mission to Beit Hanoun (Press Release)

Video [RealPlayer – 02:41]

16 – 20 July 2004

Press releases

General Assembly Emergency Session overwhelmingly demands Israel’s compliance with International Court of Justice advisory opinion (20 July)

General Assembly Emergency Session postpones action on draft resolution concerning Israel’s separation barrier (19 July)

General Assembly meets in Emergency Session to debate International Court of Justice decision on Israeli security barrier (16 July)


20 July, Part 2 [RealPlayer – 00:10]

20 July, Part 1 [RealPlayer – 00:10]

19 July [RealPlayer – 00:20]

16 July, afternoon meeting [RealPlayer – 01:30]

16 July, morning meeting [RealPlayer – 01:50]

8 December 2003

General Assembly adopts text requesting International Court of Justice to issue advisory opinion on West Bank separation wall (Press Release)


Part 2 [RealPlayer – 02:58]

Part 1 [RealPlayer – 02:53]

20 – 21 October 2003

Press Releases

General Assembly, in resumed Emergency Session, demands Israel stop construction of wall, calls on both parties to fulfil Road Map obligations (21 October)

Speakers in General Assembly Emergency Session condemn Israel’s construction of ‘security barrier’, expansionist policies (20 October)

Videos and Speakers Lists

21 October

20 October

19 September 2003

General Assembly, meeting in resumed Emergency Special Session, demands Israel not deport or threaten safety of Yasser Arafat (Press release)


Afternoon meeting [RealPlayer -00:42]

Morning meeting [RealPlayer – 01:48]

Meeting meeting [RealPlayer – 00:04]

5 August 2002

General Assembly demands immediate end to military incursions, violence and terror in Middle East (Press release)

7 May 2002

General Assembly condemns assaults against Palestinians by Israeli occupying forces, refusal to cooperate with fact-finding team (Press release)


Afternoon meeting [RealPlayer – 02:50]

Morning meeting [RealPlayer – 02:19]

20 December 2001

General Assembly Emergency Session on Occupied Palestinian Territories calls for halt to violence, ‘Mitchell Report’ implementation (Press release)

18 – 20 October 2000

Press Releases

General Assembly demands end to violence in Occupied Palestinian Territory; urges action to implement Sharm El-Sheikh accord (20 October)

Speakers call for support for Middle East peace efforts, in Assembly Special Emergency Session (18 October)

5 – 9 February 1999

Press Releases

Assembly calls for parties to Fourth Geneva Convention to meet on measures to enforce its application in Occupied Palestinian Territory (9 February)

Israel continuing settlement activities, evading Wye River Memorandum, Palestine Observer tells General Assembly Special Session (5 February)

17 March 1998

Press Releases

Emergency Special Session of Assembly condemns Israeli failure to comply with previous demands to cease settlement activities

Emergency Special Session considers mechanism to ensure Israel’s compliance with Geneva Convention on protection of civilians in war time


Press Releases

General Assembly calls for new momentum in stalled Middle East peace process, seeks end to Israeli settlement activity (13 November)

Emergency Special Session of General Assembly condemns Israel’s failure to cease building of new settlement in East Jerusalem (15 July)

Emergency Special Session of General assembly demands that Israel cease its settlement construction in East Jerusalem (25 April)

Emergency Special Session is effort to eliminate tension and save peace process at this critical juncture(24 April)

United States, Russian Federation should reactivate peace process, Saudi Arabia tells Special Emergency Session of Assembly (24 April)

Palestinians justified in taking `to the streets’ to protest Israeli actions, Palestine’s Observer tells General Assembly’s Emergency Session (24 April)